Alannah Farrell

B. 1988, Kingston, New York, Alannah Farrell spent her formative years living in the northwest Catskills of New York state, the high plateau of the upper Catskills. The enigmatic strangeness, poverty, and pervasive desolation of this rural locale influenced her aesthetic sensibility and relationship to color.

As a teen, Farrell moved to the East Village, a completely opposite landscape. She was further influenced by NYC nightlife with its dualistic nature, a kind of hide-and-seek, where one can simultaneously lose themselves while finding solace amongst kindred spirits and a menagerie of misfits. Her paintings include representational depictions of real people rendered in her own ‘faux-realism’ style. These painted figures are often left in grisaille or muted limited palettes. Narrative elements are accentuated through visual cues in the form of ordinary objects; everyday clothing, furniture, household items, electronics, wallpaper, lighting slightly askew or emphasized in a different color. There is nothing grandiose about the settings in which these figures live. Their humble surroundings speak of life as a lower class American. Farrell views her process as a conversation more than observation, an open-ended and slightly surreal glimpse into a familial cast of characters captured amidst intimate scenes.

In 2011, Farrell received a BFA from the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, her work has been shown in NYC, London, and Berlin.

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