Barbara Marks

Recollection No. 128 (Stony Creek)

Acryla gouache, flashe and Indian ink on gessoed panel,

12 x 12 in., 2018

Recollection No. 124 (Maitland)

Acryla gouache, flashe, and graphite on gessoed panel,

12 x 12 in., 2018

Barbara Marks is a multidisciplinary artist based in Connecticut. A child of the sixties, Marks fell into graphic design and established her own studio specializing in book design. In 2001, she left that behind to study painting at Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts (BFA 2005), and Brooklyn College CUNY (MFA 2008). Marks has been awarded artist residencies in Italy, France, and across the U.S. and has shown her work throughout the Northeast.

“I make small-scale, square, colorful paintings. My imagery is rooted in observation. I like to call attention to the commonplace and the local. There’s the external world—and then there’s me. My paintings are the intersection of the two. In that respect, they are intimate and personal; perhaps they’re narrative. I choose to paint ordinary situations and particular places by manipulating color, shape, and composition in such a way that the possibility of multiple interpretations invites close investigation. The way I paint is driven by my interest in abstraction as economy of expression, and by my fascination with the dual role that color can play both as content and as structure in a painting. I use color to create space.”

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Recollection No. 126 (Stony Creek)

Acryla gouache, flashe, and graphite on gessoed panel,

12 x 12 in. 2018