Katharine Dufault

My work is informed by memories of landscapes seen in my travels and by the landscape directly visible beyond my studio door - a wild marsh with a tidal river. There is drama in the constantly changing light and high tides which regularly flood. The colors change with the seasons, with the time of day and with the weather- dry ochres in early spring giving way to mid-summer’s lush emerald greens.  When flooded, it transforms into a great lake reflecting the sky and the surrounding trees - brilliant hues in autumn, somber colors in winter. Veiled in mist or snow covered with burnt umber trees on a grey horizon, it has a stark beauty even in midwinter.  Many years ago the marsh flooded a few times a year and only at full moon, now it floods a few times per month. The landscape paintings have become a visual response to the environment and its gradual change due to global warming. Born in Cambridge England, Katharine studied fine art, photography and graphic design at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, before coming to New York. She graduated with honors from Columbia University, NY, with a degree in Painting and Literature. Katharine is an artist who lives and works in Westchester, NY.


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