molly herman



My drawings and paintings develop organically, over time, often emanating from experience within a particular place. Various bodies of my work sometimes connect with and reference other periods within my work, via expression color and tactility. Recurring obsessions include: color theory, textiles, maps, memory, nature, rhythm, time and texture.  

Molly Herman has had numerous one and two person shows. She has exhibited and participated in artist residencies, both nationally and internationally. Molly Herman is represented by Amy Simon Fine Art, Westport, CT; Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, New York; and Carrie Coleman Fine Art, Norfolk, VA; and made print editions with Dusk Editions and Skink Ink, NYC. She is currently a member of The Painting Center in Manhattan. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY with her husband, the Sculptor, Bruce Brosnan. Her studio is located at the historic Leviton Lighting Factory in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. @mojomol

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