Patricia Spergel



Patricia Spergel lives and works in Westchester County and has been included in numerous group exhibitions nationally and had a solo show at the Tjaden Gallery at Cornell University in 2004. Her paintings are included in the collections of Citigroup, Sanford Bernstein and Bank of America and she has been published in New American Paintings and featured on the cover and in an eight page spread of The Southern Review, a literary magazine published by Louisiana State University. Painting non-objectively allows Spergel to draw from her personal experiences, while keeping her focus on the formal qualities of paint.  Her inspiration and fascination vary from a night visit to an aquarium, the shapes of the machinery on Dumbo’s Ride in Disney World, Renaissance frescos in Italian churches, or patterns made by sunlight on the wall. Her paintings are composed of abstract shapes that crowd together, float and overlap, hovering on the verge of becoming recognizable, tangible objects, momentarily throwing the viewer off guard. Private, secret events are glimpsed just before they move or change. Forms surface, submerge, and press against one another as if for support, or come together as if magnetically, sexually attracted. Spergel received her BFA from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY and her MFA from School of Visual Arts in NYC. @patriciaspergel

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