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Main Gallery & Project Room
Curators: Mona Brody, Alyce Gottesman, Jo Ann Rothschild
January 6, 2015 - January 31, 2015
Thursday, January 8 from 6 to 8 pm

Variations in Paint presents six artists whose work reflects the language and style of varied techniques and forms. Mariella Bisson, George Herman, Jenny Kemp, Claire McConaughy, Bill Schmidt and Kathy Soles’ work generate diverse conversations surrounding painting. Mariella Bisson creates paintings and mixed media works on linen. She uses landscape elements of rock, forest and water to explore themes of time, light, gravity, change and constancy. George Herman’s oil and mixed media paintings on wood are moody, textured portraits that are mask-like in their representation, with features obscured by layers of paint. Jenny Kemp’s abstract gouache works on paper explore geometric forms, color and spatial relationships, painted with thin lines that create rhythm and movement in the work. Bill Schmidt creates small-scale gouache and pencil paintings of organic, geometric and structural forms in muted palettes, which are directly influenced by his early sculptural work. Kathy Soles paints “…ocean currents, navigation routes, intersections of land, sea, and sky, and the mystery of what exists "below the surface". At the heart of these works are the metaphoric possibilities that result from the contemplation of nature.” Internal and external elements converge in Claire McConaughy’s paintings. She makes them through visual associations, letting them connect as they will.

View Catalogue: Variations in Paint.pdf

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