Audrey Code

exhibition dates: November 1 - 26, 2011

reception: Thursday, November 3, 6 - 8 pm

Sue Chae

Audrey Code's work has always involved the use of organic forms derived from the figure, botanicals, landscape, the sea, the cosmos. She begins with drawings of natural forms done in pencil and pastel, then transform them in the paintings abstractly. The paintings are begun on the floor: using fluid acrylic paint, a combination of pouring, drawing and drying repeated many times builds layers of color transparencies. The moving forms mimic the flow and change of nature. She considers the current work to be a continuation of her lifelong interest in the ever fascinating universe. Audrey Code is a longtime resident of Soho. Her recent shows include: WOMEN: DIVERSE INTERLUDES, Andre Zarre Gallery, Chelsea; GRAND GESTURES, Broome St. Gallery, Soho; Past shows included: DACTYL FOUNDATION, Soho, P.S. 1, L.I.C., NY: Frank Marino Gallery, Soho. She was a member of the Area Gallery during the 10th St. Movement.