David Fratkin: Apparitions on a Greyhound Bus

Exhibition Dates: September 30 - October 25, 2014

Reception: October 2, 6 - 8 pm

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5.L'Attachino .JPG

For many years, David Fratkin has been interested in pattern as both orderly, rational system and, paradoxically, a means to ecstatic contemplation, visual equivalent to chant or prayer. His sources include distorted images of tattoos, architectural ornament, and in this latest series, the upholstery on a Greyhound bus. This last took on a life of its own during a long, drowsy ride. A combination of painting and printmaking in reverse results in skins of paint that reveal images both delicately intimate and vertiginously distant. David Fratkin attended the New York Studio School, and has shown in a number of galleries both in and outside New York City.