Exhibition Dates: July 30 - August 10, 2013

Reception: Thursday, August 1, 6 - 8 pm

I'll Tell You A Secret.jpg

The Painting Center is proud to host Effigy, a group show of artists, Sally Novak, Daniel Barragan, Athena Castillo, Rebecca Warlick, Susan Luss, Madeline Mikolon, Andrew de Jesus, Jiwon Kim, Caty Wooley, John Leone, Mick Junco, Maria De Los Angeles, Amanda Mcqueen, Rachel O'Donnel, Juliet Knuth, Dennis Gunden, Ms. Dingo, Elina Ansary, Milo Wissig, Sarah Szabo, and Lindsay Wynn, including that commemorates the loss of old work and the creation of the new. This collection of artists are all recent graduates from Pratt Institute, where on February 15th a fire destroyed many of their painting studios along with their bodies of work. After graduating, these remarkable artists have continued creating and rebuilding, and are rapidly turning this tragic event into a force for aesthetic and intellectual greatness. Curated by artist and visiting Pratt Professor Mona Brody, "Effigy" is a sure to be knockout show exhibiting a wide variety of fresh and inventive painting. By giving homage to what was lost and embracing new and unexplored territory, Effigy is a celebration honoring the beginning of these amazing artists’ careers. This show has been generously funded with the help of one of the artists, Juliet Knuth, in collaboration with Pratt Institute and The Painting Center. Shortly after the fire, Ms. Knuth helped create an online video fundraiser that she hoped would sponsor a group show for the painters affected by the fire. "Effigy" is an epic culmination of community support and the artists’ efforts to come together and demonstrate these creators’ ability to remember and rebuild.