Elizabeth Yamin: Wallabout

exhibition dates: January 31 - February 25, 2012

reception: Thursday, February 2, 6 - 8 pm


Elizabeth Yamin’s studio is located on Wallabout Bay in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and has strongly influenced her work: the dry docks, the river, the tugs and barges that make up the shifting scene. Looming as backdrop to the Yard’s day-to-day activities, the relics of shipbuilding and repairing on the grandest scale still stand and rust. The paintings are concerned with the seemingly solid blackness of barges, the thrust of cranes, the tenuous delicacy of worn-out metal. They incorporate the element of time in their allusions to the industrial past, as well as in the interplay between layers of perception. Poised between confusion and resolution, they invite the viewer into the process of their own composition. In his review of Elizabeth Yamin’s 2007 show in AbstractArtOnline, Joe Walentini wrote: These paintings feel playful even as they present a tension between chaos and order ... .While composition in these pieces is tight there is a feeling that by pulling a thread they could explode in your face. Herein lies the content of the work – the push-pull between the forces of the open and closed space, variety of contrast and a democratic mix of earth tones and brighter hues. Yamin pulls it all together magnificently in an equilibrium between consistency and individuality. Yamin has exhibited at St. John’s University, NY; The Brooklyn Museum; Haverford and William and Mary Colleges; as well as at The Painting Center. She was included in the 183rd Invitational at the National Academy Museum and has received Fellowships from the New York Foundation for the Arts and the Getty Foundation. Concurrently with Wallabout, she is included in MIC:CHECK (occupy) at the Sideshow Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.