Exhibition Dates: SEPTEMBER 5, 2017 - SEPTEMBER 30, 2017

Reception: Thursday, SEPTEMBER 7, 6 - 8 pm

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Thomas Berding, Lost in Conversion, 2016, oil, acrylic and flashe on canvas, 69” x 62”.jpg

The Painting Center is pleased to announce Passing Through, an exhibition of recent work by Jan Lhormer in the Project Room. Jan Lhormer's solo exhibition Passing Through features abstract paintings influenced by the coastal landscape of Cape Cod, Massachusetts where she currently lives. She creates fictional worlds connected to water including sea and skies, ponds, gardens and marshes. The paintings are built intuitively through visceral layers of color and gesture. Lhormer choreographs scenes influenced by romantic landscape paintings, scientific matter, and the rich, expressive qualities of paint. Forms such as flora, fauna, buds, fish, birds, and other flying or swimming creatures inhabit the watery environments.This work began a couple of years ago as the artist witnessed her father declining from fatal heart disease. Themes emerge pertaining to loss, legacies, after life, and renewal. The paintings affirm nature's regenerative powers and acknowledge our transient connection to the earth. Lhormer has exhibited widely throughout New England and beyond including The Cape Cod Museum of Art, Lyman Eyer Gallery, Provincetown, 808 Gallery Boston, MA, Reynolds Ryan Gallery New Orleans, and The Mendelson Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA. She teaches painting and drawing at Bridgewater State University and has published articles in Provincetown Arts Magazine, Art New England and Cape Arts Review. For more information on the artist visit www.janlhormer.com.

** This exhibition was made possible by a travel grant from Bridgewater State University.