Lawrence Terry: Tattoo

Exhibition Dates: January 2 - 25, 2014

Reception: Thursday, January 2, 6 - 8 pm

Nils Hill

The Painting Center is pleased to present mixed media works by Lawrence Terry in the Project Room. The "Tattoo" series draws upon Lawrence Terry’s intuitive process to connect ancient energies of the Pacific Rim and African body adornment to contemporary urban art forms. He uses a variety of media to create and construct urban ritual forms that are related to the ceremonial aspects of art. Smoking, burning, line carving, metals and pigments in varied hues create symbolic images, which leave us at the edge of a doorway of possibilities. He feels a deep spiritual connection to the ancient lineage of Aboriginal culture and art in his own process. Terry’s intent is to awaken the intuitive nature of an audience to access the mystery of all that exists beneath the surface of life, and bring to the viewer an opportunity to experience a portal between the superficial and the mystical. This encompasses his commitment to being a steward of life, and exploring the space of the Dreamtime and walking between worlds. Lawrence Terry is a visual artist and curator with an active presence in the New York City, Brooklyn, and Southern California art scenes. Terry went to the Louisville School of Art and in 1978 moved to New York City, where he attended the School of Visual Arts. His relationship with fire as an artistic medium began in the eighties and expanded rapidly. Terry is fascinated by flame, and by its by-product, smoke, which can be used for marking surfaces. He finds the mystery and power of fire compelling, and loves the challenge of both the need for control, and the simultaneous freedom he experiences with it as a medium. For more information visit: