Marianne Van Lent: Prima Materia

Exhibition Dates: March 3, 2015 - March 28, 2015

Reception: Thursday, March 5, 6 - 8 pm

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5.L'Attachino .JPG

Marianne Van Lent is a painter of the natural world. Filtered through memory, her work examines the mysterious forces of the physical world and investigates our fragile position in the universe through the intersection of natural and technological modalities. Worlds (cosmologies) are represented both in the outer world of nature and the inner world of the psyche. Creating a multi dimensional collision of realms, the glimmer of unexpected openings provides inspiration for the process of painting. ” My painting process relates to the process of transcendence and transformation in which magic occurs through abstraction.” Marianne Van Lent lives and works in NYC and Athens, NY on the Hudson River. She received her BFA from Tyler School of Art and her MFA from Cornell University. Van Lent’s paintings have been exhibited in the United States and Europe and inhabit many public and private collections. Recent solo exhibitions include Cosmologies at The Painting Center, New York and Reflected Light at Ulla Surland Fine Art, Fairfield CT. Her works can be seen online at

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