The Unstilllife:

A Celebration of the Eccentric Possibilities of StilL-Life

Exhibition Dates: February 28, 2017 - March 25, 2017

Reception: Thursday, March 2, 6 - 8 pm

Trevor Winkfield

Trevor Winkfield

Elliot Green

Elliot Green

The Painting Center is pleased to present The Unstilllife, an exhibition celebrating the eccentric possibilities of still life painting. Trevor Winkfield has collaborated with Zeuxis in organizing this exhibition, which includes works by guests Tom Burckhardt, Owen Gray, Elliot Green, Matthew Lopas, Mary Jo Vath and Trevor Winkfield along with the artists of Zeuxis. Since 1995 Zeuxis, an association of still life painters, has organized dozens of group shows in New York City and around the country.

Trevor Winkfield exhibits at Tibor de Nagy Gallery in New York. He writes frequently on art and co-founded the journal The Sienese Shredder. In the essay for the publication accompanying The Unstilllife, he explains that “Early Modernism surreptitiously introduced two new perplexities into the viewer’s mind: ‘What is it?’ swiftly followed by ‘Where am I?’ ” He continues, asking:

...Can a basket of fruit suggest a hillside? Does a single stick of chalk constitute a still life? And does a still life always have to be set upon a table, or can it, like certain Cotans, be suspended from the ceiling? The permutations—and challenges— should be endless, for as the saying goes, the world is your oyster.

The gallery will host a second, Closing Reception 4-6 pm on Saturday, March 25, with jazz standards performed by the Matt Snyder Trio joined by guest musician Michael Laderman.

For more information about The Unstilllife, please contact:

Zeuxis: (212) 925-6153,

The Painting Center: (212) 343-1060,

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