Anthony Falcetta


acrylic and gypsum compound on panel 16" x 12" 2016


acrylic and gypsum compound on panel 16" x 12" 2017

Anthony Falcetta lives and works in the metro-Boston area. He holds a BFA with Distinction (2001) from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, and has exhibited in and around Boston, in Connecticut and New York City. His paintings are included in numerous private collections on the East and West Coasts. Recent activities include a month-long residency at Vermont Studio Center (2016), and curating group shows “Temporal Transcendent” (2016 at Brickbottom Gallery, Somerville MA) and “Overlaid & Underpinned” (2017, online at

I paint to anchor myself in the present and make containers or vessels for distilling experience. My work uses a hybrid visual and material language to examine the shapes and seams holding my surroundings together. For me, painting is both a steady and a spontaneous practice, relying on mental note keeping and a need for structure, while the physical processes of painting allow for improvisation and the element of surprise. Recent work has been focused on abstracted forms from constructed urban/suburban spaces, and the overlays of markings that give cues about how to interact in these environments. Most of the time, we inhabit these spaces without noticing how those cues are delivered. My work gives me a way to deconstruct and reconfigure these elements, calling attention to them while making something new.


acrylic and gypsum compound on panel 30" x 23.5” 2017