Anthony Falcetta


acrylic and gypsum compound on canvas, 32" x 24"  2017


acrylic and gypsum compound on canvas, 24" x 18" 2017

“In this series, influenced by the shapes, colors and markings of my urban/suburban surroundings, a painting is worked until its surface reaches a certain point of finish or completeness. At this point I deliberately “unwork” it, using scrapers, sandpaper and other means of destructive editing. The results then serve as a basis for rebuilding the piece, often in a very different direction, while leaving remnants and fragments of what came before.”

Anthony Falcetta lives and works in Beverly, MA. He holds a BFA with Distinction (2001) from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and has exhibited in and around Boston, in Connecticut, and in New York City. Anthony’s paintings are included in numerous private collections on the East and West Coasts. He is represented by The Schoolhouse Gallery in Provincetown, MA.



acrylic and gypsum compound on canvas, 32" x 24" 2017